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The things you have to forgive me for

Forgive me for staring so long at your beautiful eyes. I couldn’t help but get lost in their mystery as they glimmer under the golden sun.

Forgive me for always looking at your lips. I like how the lines curve up when you smile, or arch down when you make a face, and even how they’re pressed together when you reach for a kiss.

Forgive me of being fond of your teeth. I look at them and travel back in time to the nights when little baby doll forgot to brush her teeth, or the times when she cried her way for a cotton candy, or when she threw a tantrum asking for one more tootsie roll.

Forgive me for surveying your body – your legs, your shoulders, your arms, your feet, your back, your stomach, your breasts. They are perfectly and wonderfully made.

Forgive me for being drawn by your passions. I will never get tired of hearing you talk about them without fear or regret but with thrill and hope.

Forgive me for being amused by your antics. Sometimes they get weird and scary. Oftentimes they hit the bullseye of humor and wit. Every single time, your shenanigans are one of a kind. You are one of a kind.

But don’t expect me to apologise for loving you. No. That I can’t do. For loving you is a privilege available to only a few. And how lucky! Oh how lucky is the man who gets to spend his lifetime with you.


Tell Me How

How come smiles give way for dreams?
How come laughter turns to tears?

How can you close your eyes and still see?
How can you hear a voice’s melody?

How can you lose something you never had?
How can you miss someone you never knew?

How can someone love so much?
But what if it’s not for you?

She Could Be Mine


Sophie and I walked on a narrow path illuminated by the faint light of a street lamp. The streets leading to her place was nearly empty. Rattles from the garbage bins disrupted the silence every now and then. We just came from a group date with some friends; I had the courage to volunteer into walking her home.

“So, did you like the movie?” I asked.

“Twas cool ‘cause I was watching it with you and the gang.”

..because I was watching it with you. That was all I heard.

When we were a few paces away from her building, Sophie stopped. She picked something inside a pile of trash and whistled. In a matter of minutes, stray cats emerged from all corners and filled the alley we were in. Their number almost terrified me.

“Scared?” she teased me.

I just smiled at her and hurried towards the open street that leads to her apartment door. As expected, she didn’t run after me but stayed with the pact instead. From where I’m at, I could see her silhouette scattering the trash. Then I heard another whistle, then a laugh, a giggle, then a ‘good boy’ here and there. This girl always surprises me.

“Run! Here comes the Cat Lady!” I shouted as if afraid when she walked to me.

“Oh, shut up!” she said followed by a punch in the arm. Man, I had to pretend it didn’t hurt!

And she sat on the bottom of the stairs beside me and rested her elbows on her knees. She’s thinking about something. I thought of a joke to break the dead air between us but she suddenly uttered something I didn’t know she cared much about.

“Do you think someone has the capability of liking me? I mean seriously, honestly and sincerely fall in love with me. With someone like me?” The last phrase was almost a whisper.

I thought the question was insane! Sophie is the most attractive girl I know – shirt, jeans, tattoos, chucks, bob cut, red hair and all. She has the most beautiful eyes that shine when she’s happy. She walks gracefully and smiles shyly. Her stories are the most amazing and her humour is right on. She has this positive aura that makes you want to be near her. Some say she’s rebellious when she’s just being independent. They assume she’s dumb when in fact she can name 80 famous rock bands, 20 banned books and the nearest McDonald’s in your area. I looked at her and  saw a terrific, lovely girl.

I may have been staring at her for a long time because the next thing I knew was her raised eyebrows and folded arms on my face. Oh yeah, I have to answer the question.

“Learn how to knit and bake because with a personality like yours, you’ll probably marry at 60!”

Sophie stood and kicked me on the side. The usual thing she does.

“I hate you”, she said in a somehow sweet tone. We laughed!

Damn, I’m falling in love with her.