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Cry of the Heart

One little duckling unlike any other ducks
decided to wander and trusted on her luck.
She came upon a green-covered field
where roses and daises convened.
Three rabbits came, the garden they lay claim.
Little ducky pleaded to stay
they thought, ‘Well maybe just a delay.’

Three rabbits and a duck laughing all throughout
singing, dancing day in and day out.
No more worms but veggie norms.
No more quacking but grinding.
No more swimming just hopping.

‘You’re leaving today,’ declared the rabbit king;
three words that changed everything.
‘I thought you liked me here,’ was her rebuttal.
‘We are different creatures you and me.
I’m a rabbit can’t you see?’
‘All creatures are equal I agree.’

‘I have hind legs you have webbed feet.’
‘Well, that’s not very hard to cheat.’

‘You grow feathers instead of furs.’
‘Why, I have a heart just like yours!’

Dreams shattered in front of her
the little duckling wept in despair.
‘I’ll go back to where I came from
I can’t stay where I’m not welcome.’

‘In this world of judging eyes
I didn’t escape the stereotypes.
Let me tell you one thing I learned:
Love and friendship can transcend
anything if you will
But guess I was naive,
real friendship we can’t achieve.
I wish you well as I bid farewell,
in your place I can no longer dwell.’


You before Me

Question: If you knew what I knew, would you stop acting the way you do?

The strap of your backpack hugs your low shoulder with your school uniform hanging loose from your body. I never see you carry yourself proud when you pass the hallway.

Here comes the ‘it’ girls making fun of you. Their eyes check every inch of you with their menacing stares. Ignore them. One of these days you’ll see those babes carelessly laughing in the sidewalk, contented with what little they have. By then, they’ll have nothing but your pity.

The doom chair on the corner of the room is calling you  and off towards it you go. Few minutes are spent looking at all the pretty girls and the boys that flirt around them. Unconsciously, your fingers run through the loose hair strands covering your face. Forgive me but you’re so cute when you’re trying to fight over your insecurities!

Let me tell you something: six, seven years from now, you’re going to turn into a fine lady nothing short of captivating charm  and beauty. Someday you’re going to know and feel your worth. Believe me when I say these silly boys who ignore you would look like pigs when they throw themselves at your feet – crawling, begging for your attention. When that happens, remember to roll your eyes at them and smile.

Then you force yourself to get in to some cliques; I can see you doing silly things just to fit in. I tell you that those ‘ friends’ were up to no good but you won’t listen. I try my best to warn you about that boy who will eventually break your teenage heart but you are so hard-headed.

Stop crying.

If I confess that in the years to come the world will give you great friends that are willing to die for you, would you believe me? You’ll have them and they’re going to accept your uniqueness. They’ll laugh at your silly love problems and cry at your corny jokes. They’ll call you weird (you’ll punch them) but love that about you. If I say I’ve met them already, would you believe me? You have to!

You can’t see me but I’m here. I’m close enough to notice the tears that roll down your cheeks yet far enough to watch your wobbly stride as you walk home alone.

I really want to hold your hand and tell you that everything will make sense soon. I want to comfort you by the fact that this is  just a stage of your life. This is just a drill for the big day when you finally soar. Everything that’s happening right now will just be a fun and learning story you’ll look back to.

Personally, I thank you for messing up and for being insecure and for not being perfect. Otherwise I wouldn’t be what you made me to be. So hey, little darling of my past, cheer up!