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Cry of the Heart

One little duckling unlike any other ducks
decided to wander and trusted on her luck.
She came upon a green-covered field
where roses and daises convened.
Three rabbits came, the garden they lay claim.
Little ducky pleaded to stay
they thought, ‘Well maybe just a delay.’

Three rabbits and a duck laughing all throughout
singing, dancing day in and day out.
No more worms but veggie norms.
No more quacking but grinding.
No more swimming just hopping.

‘You’re leaving today,’ declared the rabbit king;
three words that changed everything.
‘I thought you liked me here,’ was her rebuttal.
‘We are different creatures you and me.
I’m a rabbit can’t you see?’
‘All creatures are equal I agree.’

‘I have hind legs you have webbed feet.’
‘Well, that’s not very hard to cheat.’

‘You grow feathers instead of furs.’
‘Why, I have a heart just like yours!’

Dreams shattered in front of her
the little duckling wept in despair.
‘I’ll go back to where I came from
I can’t stay where I’m not welcome.’

‘In this world of judging eyes
I didn’t escape the stereotypes.
Let me tell you one thing I learned:
Love and friendship can transcend
anything if you will
But guess I was naive,
real friendship we can’t achieve.
I wish you well as I bid farewell,
in your place I can no longer dwell.’



Everybody says you’re perfect for each other. He understands your immaturity, you accepted his ideology. He taught you how to plan for the future; you showed him how to live one day at a time. He taught you to be strong. You taught him that it’s ok to cry. You love the sunshine, he rejoices when it rains. You’re his damsel and he’s your cavalier. You’re living a dream world of love and romance. But you notice something‘s not right. And fear creeps all over your spine. This does not happen in real life. Perfect isn’t real.  Magic isn’t real.