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Papa and Marie


A slam on the front door followed by heavy steps on the stairs woke me up in the middle of the night. I opened my eyes and I noticed Marie’s face close to mine with her arms wrapped around me. My gaze shifted from her hands to her nose, her lips and her eyelids; I imagined they were Mama’s. I covered my ears with both hands, closed my eyes and tucked myself closer to Marie. Doing this somehow made me feel safe for as long as I can remember.

Get out,” a low, dark voice echoed in the room. I tried to figure out who it was from but a bright beam of light blocked my sight.

Papa!” Marie’s short and weak scream startled me.

Realizing it was my father and not some alien from Ben10 calmed the mouse inside my chest. I got up from our bed and hugged him. But he was drenched in sweat and smelled like urine and I didn’t like the stench so I let go.

Get out and shut the door will ya?” Papa’s authoritative voice told me something was wrong for he only used that tone whenever Marie and I did something wrong. I glanced at Marie and she was hugging herself in the corner of the bed. Something is definitely not right.

I headed outside with my eyes half-opened. Before closing the door, Papa’s belt buckle dropped on the floor. I opened my right eye to see what’s going on.


I know better than to make him mad.



After a few minutes, the door shrieked opened and I quickly went inside while Papa wobbled out from the room. I ran straight to Marie.

What did Papa say?” I whispered.

Instead of answering back, Marie pulled me closer and fixed my hair. Then she ran her hands through my face and kissed me on the cheek and then on my forehead. Drops of tears fell from her eyes to her cheek.

She has always been so emotional. She was crying and I didn’t understand why.



Writer’s Note: Prompt idea from Yeah Writers!: Write about a tragedy as seen from a young child’s eyes. 


Dreaming with a Broken Heart

Crying. Screaming. The sound of her voice awaken her.

It was two in the morning and she’s having these nightmares again. Half awake, half-asleep she tried to separate the real from the dream.

Still sobbing, she refused to open her eyes as thoughts of him haunted her yet again.

She missed him beside her. She missed waking up cradled in his arms ; missed the way he patiently and lovingly calms her after every bad dream; how he whispers and assures her that it was just another imagination. She missed how he says nothing can harm her as long as he is with her. That idea comforts her as she falls back to sleep.

She cried for all the memories – for it was all that was left.

Finally getting the courage to open her eyes, she searched for him. But he’s already gone; nowhere to be found. For the first time in months, her heart ached and bled again. And oh how she felt the pain!

Not letting herself be consumed by the moment, she uttered a question in the silence of that dark room. “Is he for real?”

“Is he for real?”, she expected an answer. “Or was it only just a dream?” Tears fell down her cheeks.

She stood still for hours;staring at the blackness of the winter skies.

The cold, shivering wind blowing from her window stirred her up from a lonely melancholy. Dragging herself back to bed, she grasped her blanket – covered herself  like the cloth can protect her from the coldness she was feeling. She closed her eyes and went back to sleep – with high hopes that the sun is going to shine for her when she wakes up.. and maybe then, she’d finally see the light and feel the warmth she’s been longing for so long.

When you’re dreaming with a broken heart, the waking up is the hardest part.