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Going Home

The day that I’m going to finally see you scares me and excites me at the same time. Every heavy step will pull me closer to you. I will think of all my dark secrets, all the bad things I did, every rule I broke. I am filthy. And you are…holy. High and mighty.  My mouth will utter one word over and over, and over and over – “Sorry.” Quickly, you’ll run to hug me! As you place a jewel on my head you’ll lift my chin up, look deep into my eyes and whisper, “Welcome home my child, my princess.”


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I want Sunday afternoons with you. We’ll sit by the river and watch the sun descend slowly on the horizon. The moon and stars will come out and join us. But instead of trailing back home you’ll rest your head on my lap and clutch my hands. You’ll stare at me. I’ll stare back. We’ll laugh. And kiss… Or we could just sit in silence. Lost. Gone somewhere else. Strangers catching a glimpse of each other. I’ll look at you longer than I’m allowed to. To study your eyebrows, your cheeks, your teeth. Preserved, for when you are gone again.