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Silly Lily


“But I want that! I want that! That!” Repeating the last word a few more times, Lily’s high-pitched voice resonated in the room. Her swelling eyes met mine. I looked away.

“Pick something else,” the man behind the counter suggested.

“No!” she protested. “No, no, no!”

They are such troublesome beings aren’t they? Kids. They want what they want, when they want it. They understand very little of things.  They are hard headed, and naïve, and immature. If you’re lucky, you’ll find one like Lily.

“Give me now! Now!” she demanded.

Then she quickly ran straight for the glass shelves. To quick in fact that I didn’t catch her. Not that my reflexes are slow… Or are they?

Lily’s brown, eager eyes gaze upon every item on display. Dolls, she called them – elaborately adorned in gowns of different shades. Stamped with a smile of wax, they glared at the child – not moving, not blinking.

I watched her touch the thin glass, feeling each rack as she moved from one to the other.  How wonderful.

“Someone bought it already, dear” the man confirmed.


Then it happened. That one thing I dread to see. It started with a few sobs. Which immediately turned into an imperative wailing. Then came the loud screaming and feet thumping.

“It was everything…I- I wanted.” she confessed to the air as tears rolled down her cheek.

Why are they like that? Children believe they have the best yet they’ve only seen a few. Then they cry expecting some magic tears will instantly solve everything.  Did I mention how selfish they are too? I found no fondness on that, really.

But I couldn’t help it. I was curious. I inched closer to her, I hunched. Involuntarily, my wrinkled hands reached for her shoulder, softly placing her head to my chest. This forward shift gave me a view of her eyes – broken and discouraged.

“Well now,” I paused. “How about I give you something better?”

“No, you can’t,”she said hastily.

“Try me.”

“Can you gimme something prettier and more sweet lookin’ with golden shoes and fancy clothes and braided hair and pink lip glotts?” all in one breath.

“On my mind exactly.”

And then she smiled and wrapped her small fingers around me. What a messy scene that was – her hugging me, me hugging her back.

Annoying. Charming. I didn’t understand how you could be both.



Techie Element

Mrs. Marquez was writing on the board when I arrived. At first glance, one could assume she was teaching the alphabet until you notice the numbers and parentheses that go with the letters. On her class, a combination of two or more don’t make up words; they make up chemical compounds.

Abigail greeted me with a smile from the far end of the room. After rummaging through my backpack, I pulled out a pen and ripped a page from my notebook. I extended my arms above my head, imitating a three-point shot while Mrs. Marquez was busy perfecting an equation. The ball of folded paper landed right on Abigail’s desk.

She looked at me with eyebrows raised. After reading the note, she took her metallic red pen and started writing. I watched closely as the note travelled across three people and finally to me. We did this a couple of times.

Mrs. Marquez looked over her shoulders. “What’s that noise all about?” From this angle, I could see her thick glasses sitting on her prominent cheekbones. Grey strands peeked from her well-braided hair.

Abigail slouched a bit; I hid my face behind the beakers and test tubes stretched above the teacher’s table. The room was quite. Nobody dared to answer.

Turning her back to the class, Mrs. Marquez faced the board again.

My friend was holding the note between her fingers and lifted it. I winked and opened my hand preparing for a good catch. Swooosh!! I stood and snatched it from the open!

Cole Anderson.” My heart skipped a beat. “Come with me to the front and share to class what you and Abigail Osborne are busy about.”

The entire class watched me rose and walked from the back row to the front. Head low, I stood behind the Periodic Table of Elements and slowly opened the wrinkled paper. I turned to Abigail; her hands covering her face. I carefully looked at everyone’s judging stares before opening my mouth to speak.

“L…” I cleared my throat. “ LTNS.”

I chuckled and continued reading.



Everyone tried so hard not to laugh while Mrs. Marquez stood behind the door bewildered.


Abigail was the first one to crack up. It wasn’t long before the whole class started laughing hysterically, making noises and cheering me on. I joined the merriment and started clapping my hands! Mrs. Marquez tried to stop the fun but our voices drowned her scream.

Give me that!” She grabbed my hands and checked. “What is this? How.. Why.. Do you kids talk like aliens?!”

With all due respect Mrs. Marquez, you have your own alien lingo of Br, Ca, Pb and Ag yourself.”

Before she could answer back, the school bell rang and saved me from a near doom of detention. Everyone packed his and her belongings, still grinning. Abigail threw me my backpack. I gave her a high-five before we exited the room together. Best.Chemistry.Class.Ever!

Story also posted at Yeah Writers!