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The sun hides behind the thick, dark clouds above. People run in search for a dry shelter. The mother bird secures her hatchlings under protective wings. Beads of water begin to gradually fall from the sky. Slowly after, it pours heavily. Hazy and foggy are the best words that define the scene before me.

I throw my umbrella, knock my shoes out and step outside the front lawn. The first drop on my skin feels cold and the damp earth is soft under my feet. The chilling breeze of the wind and the cool rain water encapsulate my body. Every pearl touch my skin in such a soothing sensation. I open my arms wide, lean my head upwards and close my eyes; letting every droplets douse me into a relaxing state.

After a while, my lips arch and part, welcoming the beads of liquid running through my thirsty throat. It is oasis to a desert, an ocean to a dry land.  I taste ‘heaven’. It is pure, untainted and sweet – almost like nectar from a flower or honey from a bee.

At the same time, an aromatic scent of wood and of fresh-cut grass surround me. The oil from the rocks, the trees, the plants and the flowers evaporate into the air. I breathe in the ethereal fragrance and savour the ambrosial smell.

For once, the rest of the busy world is silent. All I hear are the raindrops beating on the grass and tapping on my skin in a rhythm. I open my eyes. Kicking the puddle and spraying water all over, I start dancing; I was rejoicing. The sound of my feet bouncing, the liquid swooshing, the falling beads tapping on my arms and head, my heart throbbing – they all create a melodic symphony.

Beautiful.  I can stay like this forever.

(SENSES prompt from Yeah Writers! :Think about the senses. Write five paragraphs, each telling the same story/scene, but focusing on a different sense each time.)