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Tell Me How

How come smiles give way for dreams?
How come laughter turns to tears?

How can you close your eyes and still see?
How can you hear a voice’s melody?

How can you lose something you never had?
How can you miss someone you never knew?

How can someone love so much?
But what if it’s not for you?


Cry of the Heart

One little duckling unlike any other ducks
decided to wander and trusted on her luck.
She came upon a green-covered field
where roses and daises convened.
Three rabbits came, the garden they lay claim.
Little ducky pleaded to stay
they thought, ‘Well maybe just a delay.’

Three rabbits and a duck laughing all throughout
singing, dancing day in and day out.
No more worms but veggie norms.
No more quacking but grinding.
No more swimming just hopping.

‘You’re leaving today,’ declared the rabbit king;
three words that changed everything.
‘I thought you liked me here,’ was her rebuttal.
‘We are different creatures you and me.
I’m a rabbit can’t you see?’
‘All creatures are equal I agree.’

‘I have hind legs you have webbed feet.’
‘Well, that’s not very hard to cheat.’

‘You grow feathers instead of furs.’
‘Why, I have a heart just like yours!’

Dreams shattered in front of her
the little duckling wept in despair.
‘I’ll go back to where I came from
I can’t stay where I’m not welcome.’

‘In this world of judging eyes
I didn’t escape the stereotypes.
Let me tell you one thing I learned:
Love and friendship can transcend
anything if you will
But guess I was naive,
real friendship we can’t achieve.
I wish you well as I bid farewell,
in your place I can no longer dwell.’


What inspires a poet to write?
There’s nothing new to this sunlight!

What do writers see on a blank wall?
Do they stare ‘til hit by a fireball?

Do you get stories from your life?
Some say don’t tell them ‘bout your strife.

So how do you decide on plot?
One you consider a big shot

And I sighed,
because damn
Writing is so hard!



*Writer’s note: I am used to writing short stories and has always been afraid to try poetry. So this, my friends is my first attempt at it. Please forgive my amateur words and rhyming abilities.*

Why read poems?

Poems bore me like a grey sky on a gloomy Monday morning. There is lack (or absence) of excitement in poems. Lack or absence of everything actually – characters, adventures, climax, plot, conflict. Everything.

Poems are as hard to write as they are to understand. I hate how those perfectly arranged words take you and leave you wanting for more. You write them for days, read them in minutes and get you thinking, even disturbed, for weeks.

I don’t like poems, or poets for that matter. Poets are insane. The metre, the phrasing, the rhythm, the verses put together are just too much of a hard work. And nobody even pays attention! Still, they keep doing the same thing.

With his finished product of well-selected words, the poet intellectually lures you to his world like playing a trick without you even noticing it. And I don’t like that cleverness.

I’d rather enjoy a comic book with all the illustration to not mislead its reader. On a perfect sunny day in the park, I’d rather pick up a plainspoken composition that does not require too much engaging. I’d rather not cultivate my imagination or my critical thinking. I’d rather not appreciate the beauty, power and mystery that is in every carefully thought of form of poetry.

So why read poems? If you’re going to ask me, I suggest you don’t.