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Cruel World

The world is cruel.
The world is unfair.
The world is unforgiving.

That customer representative doesn’t care if you’re irritable today.
Your lazy landlord doesn’t notice how much you’re sick of him.
Your boss doesn’t give a damn if you’re having a bad day.
The cab driver couldn’t care less if you’re running late for an important meeting.

Don’t expect everyone to like you. Not everybody understands you, nor will they always make an effort to acknowledge you.
Don’t expect that someone is going to wipe your tears all the time. Don’t wait for someone to fight and stand for you.
Don’t search for somebody to cushion you from all the pain.

Be strong and wait for no one to defend you. Fight your own battle.
Choose who to trust. Don’t be too complacent.

Because the world is cruel.
The world is unfair.
The world is unforgiving.

People are selfish. Their only interest is to use you for their benefit. They don’t fret about you unless they need you.

Harsh? Exaggeration?



Just Because

Just because your love story ended tragically doesn’t mean you have to dismiss the idea of a happily ever after. Just because things didn’t go out your way doesn’t suggest you suddenly judge yourself a failure. Don’t let go of your dreams just because random voices say you won‘t amount to anything. Stop playing the victim game just because you wanted sympathy. Winning the battle is impossible for someone defeated and broken inside. When you asked for the sun but life brings you rain, don’t lock yourself indoors; rejoice with the flowers; play in the puddle; dance with the wind.