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With coffee on my left and the computer mouse on my right, I browsed through my social media feed as part of my morning routine.

Happy faces and beautiful pictures greeted me “Good Morning!”as I checked Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I am used to seeing updates like these every day. But today was a little different –

Someone just got engaged!
A family is having a reunion!
Her baby is so adorable!
He got a promotion!
My friend is now ‘in a relationship’!
Their wedding looks magical!
Aww she is out of the country again!
That lunch looks delish!
Oooh nice car!
It looks like they’re living their life to the fullest!
Hashtag #blessed #kilig #lovetheweekend #forever

Instead of feeling envious or jealous like I normally do, I had a huge smile on my face and felt happy. It was good to see that my friends are living the good life. I was so thrilled to see them succeed, thrive, and be blessed. I felt even grateful that they are sharing these moments with me.

For once I stopped looking at my life and comparing it to theirs. I just celebrated with their triumphs and even their simple joys. Today, I looked at their life in social media and wished them more blessings! More promotions! More travels! More adventure! An overflow of all the good things that they are praying for!

What I felt today was  surprising as much as it was liberating. It made me realize that being genuinely happy for other people’s success brings freedom from trying to match your life according to what you see on your social media feed – just because these are the things that you should be doing or you should be having at this age, at this time. I realized that I don’t have to give in to living a life based on those assumptions because, in all honesty, we are all in different seasons in our lives.

So today I started my day with gratitude for my friends, contentment for what I have, and a shining hope for a wonderful future!




searching_narrativesofadreamer.wordpress Longing for that someone you thought understood you best.

She was your best friend, your knight in shining armor, your guardian, your companion, adviser, confidant, brother and sister, fairy godmother, rolled into one!

She was made of everything from your check list and none of your disappointments.  She’s sweet, thoughtful, romantic, caring, smart, good-looking, artistic, drives a nice car, and plays the guitar.

She knew your friends, your dreams, your likes and dislikes. She even knew your fears. During your lowest lows, she was there. Believing that she’s on your side comforted you for years.

She made you feel truly happy.

And truly loved.

But then there was this thing called ‘growing up’. And terms like ‘being matured’, and even ‘moving on’.

And all of a sudden, she was. Gone.


You could have been good friends until the end, but life  taught you she doesn’t exist.

And you searched for her. And you longed for her every day.

Going Home

The day that I’m going to finally see you scares me and excites me at the same time. Every heavy step will pull me closer to you. I will think of all my dark secrets, all the bad things I did, every rule I broke. I am filthy. And you are…holy. High and mighty.  My mouth will utter one word over and over, and over and over – “Sorry.” Quickly, you’ll run to hug me! As you place a jewel on my head you’ll lift my chin up, look deep into my eyes and whisper, “Welcome home my child, my princess.”

The things you have to forgive me for

Forgive me for staring so long at your beautiful eyes. I couldn’t help but get lost in their mystery as they glimmer under the golden sun.

Forgive me for always looking at your lips. I like how the lines curve up when you smile, or arch down when you make a face, and even how they’re pressed together when you reach for a kiss.

Forgive me of being fond of your teeth. I look at them and travel back in time to the nights when little baby doll forgot to brush her teeth, or the times when she cried her way for a cotton candy, or when she threw a tantrum asking for one more tootsie roll.

Forgive me for surveying your body – your legs, your shoulders, your arms, your feet, your back, your stomach, your breasts. They are perfectly and wonderfully made.

Forgive me for being drawn by your passions. I will never get tired of hearing you talk about them without fear or regret but with thrill and hope.

Forgive me for being amused by your antics. Sometimes they get weird and scary. Oftentimes they hit the bullseye of humor and wit. Every single time, your shenanigans are one of a kind. You are one of a kind.

But don’t expect me to apologise for loving you. No. That I can’t do. For loving you is a privilege available to only a few. And how lucky! Oh how lucky is the man who gets to spend his lifetime with you.


Again, I am back at the hollow
Staring at low ceiling, thinking…
What am I doing?
Why am I even here?

Circumstances conspired
To bound my soul in cloudiness
And showed a wicked person
That is me all along.

I have to get out of the dark,
While I can still see light.

But how could I?
Something is tenderly luring me in –
Somebody, someone, some thing
Some sort of strong force I can’t resist.

In daylight, the will is as strong as iron,
In the dark, it melts and drips away.
How could I expect someone to save me?
How could they even understand?

I sighed, “This is hard.”
I closed my eyes, “Get me out.”
I pleaded, “Help me.”
Please Lord.

The Ocean

The ocean. Seems to be endless. Flowing, always free.
Mysterious. Silent. Calm.
Deep. Unfathomable.

You never get her story, but listen closely.
Secrets –
Forever buried.
Stories –
Never told.
Memories –
Long forgotten.

What an extravagant creation to behold.
What an impossible dream to have.
To watch her every day —
Move with the wind.
Play with the birds.
Kiss the sun. And chase the moon.

Move in closer and listen carefully
I am the ocean.
Free. Silent. And deep.
Come play with me.

Tell Me How

How come smiles give way for dreams?
How come laughter turns to tears?

How can you close your eyes and still see?
How can you hear a voice’s melody?

How can you lose something you never had?
How can you miss someone you never knew?

How can someone love so much?
But what if it’s not for you?