Unwritten Philip

Write about me.
Philip popped out of nowhere.

Don’t you bother me at this hour.
I said in annoyance.

Tell them how I look,and talk and walk.
He paced around the room in his Shakespearean clothes.

Didn’t you hear a word I said?

He drew his face closer to mine.
Can you include my sword-fighting under the ocean inside an octopus! Surely there is nothing like that!

Now you’re being a mess.

Then toss in my half-brother whose father is an alien explorer and wanted my help to conquer another planet. That should be exciting!

I looked away.
You are a lot of work, I can’t help you right now.

He handed me my favourite pen and a piece of crumpled paper.
Surely you can draft a few sentences.

I rolled my eyes and looked directly at Philip.
Once there was a cavalier who had a pet raptor that ate him whole. End of story. There.

You can do better than that!

If you want a better story then might as well shut up.

Shall I come in the morning then?

Leave now before I decide to kill you.

You’re not…

Yes, that’s a threat. You, of all characters, should know how powerful I am.

But.. he protested. How long do I have to wait?

The wind whistled into the room.

Philip waited for an answer I didn’t give,
and vanished as quickly as he appeared.

I took a pillow and covered my face.
One day, someday. I’ll write about you.
I promise.

*What’s goin on here? Check out Yeah Writers! prompt to find out.


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